Before start using Pollitechs School ERP consider a general scenario of typical school of class 1 to 12th, each classes have sections like Section A, Section B. There will various subjects for different classes like some subjects are theory and some are practical. Exams are created using these subjects and classes. Students enter in classes by new admission or promoted by their previous class after successful passing of previous class. During course of student we will charge fees to students and collecting them at monthly or one time basis. We like to record attendance of our students. Our school may be providing transport facility to student. Our school have library for students have to maintain books inventory. Our school have hostels and providing hostel facility to our students. Obviously our school has teachers to teach and manage students. We like to communicate our teachers, students and parents. We like to record all the expenses done in our school like miscellaneous bills, salary payments etc. After everything we like to analyze various reports based on our school.

If you are using Pollitechs School ERP for a training Centre then may be you like to admit students in two classes, for this you should use multi class feature where you can admit a single student in two classes simultaneously.

Apart from above we also like to provide access to our Pollitechs School ERP to other users like Teachers, Accountants, Librarians, Students and their Parent. For these Smart School have 8 inbuilt user's roles- SuperAdminAdminTeacherAccountantLibrarian, ReceptionistStudent and Parent. Virtually you can create unlimited number of user roles for staff member