Munshi Sohag Hossen

Munshi Sohag Hossen

Founder & CEO

IT Engineer

Munshi Sohag Hossen has born at Magura a western district of Bangladesh . From his early age he was bit outstanding for technology . His dream came true when he got chance for doing study in information & Technology Engineeing Department of Gujarat Technologial University by the ICCR Merit Scholarship.Indian government Provided him full Sccholarship for pursuing his engineering degree in IT Field.He completed his degree in 2020 and now has started his own IT firm with a Vision to make each village more digital more smart  intems of using Technology. He likes innovation and always excited to do something best for the community.He believes that knowledge is the currency of 21 Century that's why working for the sustainable change of education system .


Hazrapur - Magura Sadar- Magura